OPI Go Goth minis!

I finally received my OPI Go Goth mini collection in the mail and here are the first pics

From left to right:
             Unripened– In the bottle it looks a black base with some duochrome glitter. It looks really awesome and I’ll put pics of it up later on
Nevermore– It looks like a glittery, inky purple blue
Sanguine- A deep shimmer, red
Obscurity– Matte black

This is the back of the box, it has 3 different nail designs and how to do them. They look pretty cool, especially the first one called swirls of mist. Btw, if you click on the pictures you can get a better, enlarged view. 

They are super cute little bottles, maybe a little smaller than I expected, but what can you do? I’ve seen pictures of the colors online and I’m really excited to test them out and I’ll definitely be putting up pics of each individual color and I’ll comment on the application and formula when those go up. If anyone is interested in buying these, I purchased them on Amazon. 

But on another note,  I couldn’t leave my nails alone knowing that I had perfectly good Konad stamping gear and so I stamped the rest of my nails and came up with this.

And I thought it was fantastic! I love the contrast between the black and the sparkles. In person its amazing! 

Until next time,
The Wicked

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