e.l.f. Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face)

So I had mentioned before I had ordered a few things from e.l.f. cosmetics. Let me just say I am very impressed with my order. Of course I am also very happy because I used the 50% off code (studio collection)!! Can’t get any better than that. The order came super quick and very neatly packaged. I was very surprised and impressed because it came packaged MUCH better than higher makeup brands.

So here it goes!!! (All of the products I will mention are from the e.l.f. studio collection).

Face Brushes 

11 piece brush set 
Price: $30 (I got it for $15 with the code)

The brush set brings 10 pieces and a little pouch. It also brings a little booklet describing each brush which is very useful for beginners.  Each brush is also labeled with what it is used for.

Complexion Brush- 
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used to apply powders all over the face, blush or bronzer.

Fan Brush-
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used to dust  off any fall out make up, or applying loose powder.

Angled Foundation Brush- 
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used to apply liquid foundation and gives a flawless application. 
Powder Brush- 
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used to apply powder for a full coverage, blush or conturing. 
Blush Brush- 
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used to apply blush or bronzer. 

This are all the face brushes that I listed above. Here you can see the shape and compare them from one another. 

All the five faces brushed came in a plastic case which is great to keep the brushes shape and from getting messed up . I was surprised that they brought this because none of my expensive brushes brought any of this.
Eye Brushes
Small Smudge Brush- 
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used to blend or smudge eyeliner or to blend shadow for a smokey eye. 
Contour Brush- 
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used to blend shadow, add definition and get a more concentrated color. 
Eyeshadow “C” Brush-
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used apply eyeshadow for a  more opaque color. 
Small Angled Brush- 
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used for eyeliner, precise lines, or filling in eyebrows. 
Small Precision Brush- 
Price: $3 (Paid $1.50)
Used to create thin lines, precise coverage, concealer, or lip color. 
I have yet to use this brushes so I will be doing reviews on each brush as I use them. So far, I have to say I am very impressed because they are very soft and seem to be of good quality. They are also vegan!!!
Until Next Time, 
The Wicked

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