e.l.f cosmetics part 2!!!!

Here’s the rest of my e.l.f. order.


                                 From top to bottom-  Lucky Lady, Mysterious, First Date

Studio Lip Stain- 
Price- $3 (Paid $1.50) 

So these are suppose to be a long- lasting lip color but they are not. I am very disappointed, they are transparent when applied. Also they are not long lasting. But hey for the price I can’t complain!!!!!  The colors are pretty and very close to what they look like in the bottle, but you do have to apply it a few times to achieve the color. There are many other expensive lip stains that do not give the results they claim. 

From left to right- Nice & Natural, Peaceful Pink, Mellow Melon 

Conditioning Lip Balm- 
Price- $3 (Paid $1.50)

So let me first say I was impressed with the size of these, they bring a very generous amount (especially for $1.50). I really like these because they feel nice on the lips and have a nice color. However, I am disappointed with Nice & Natural because it gives my lips no color just some shine. I was expecting a nude color but got nothing, In the photo it looks darker than what it is in person. Maybe it just doesn’t give my lips color might work on someone with a darker lip. ( I’ll try and find out). But I wish it did work because I really like the color. But I can just use it as a gloss. I would definitely recommend these. 


Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadows Palette (100 colors)
Price-$3 (Paid $1.50)

Before receiving this I was impressed, 100 eyeshadows for $5 bucks, like seriously!!! Even at regular price is super cheap. You can’t even get one eyeshadow from other make-up brands. I used it for the first time yesterday and the pigment was great, I will do a more detailed review as I use it and put up swatches. But I think everyone should get one of these. 

Price- $3 ( Paid $1.50)

                               Mellow Mauve- I haven’t used it yet. I will put up a review when I do.

Gotta Glow- Love it!!! Awesome highlighter with gold in it. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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