Making blue eyes POP!!!!

There are certain colors we can use to make our eye color pop. Today, I will recommend colors for blue eyes. 

Pink or peach colored eye shadow will complement blue eyes. You should use a pink or peach all over the lid and add a darker color to the crease.

 You can also use:
  • Purples like violets and lilac
  • Greys- metallic grey and silver
  • Browns- soft browns, taupe (not too dark)

For smokey eyes try camel, browns, charcoal or copper. 

To brighten up your eyes and make them appear bigger, apply white eyeliner on your inner rims (in the photo below she has white eyeliner on her bottom rim and then black eyeliner). Black eyeliner accentuates and complements blue eyes!!! 

Don’t forget to add the mascara. On blue eyes even a little bit of mascara can go a long way!!! 

Next time I will post recommendations for brown eyes!

Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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