More Revlon Revealed!

As I said in the last post, I also picked up one of Revlon’s new scented polishes. I had a too long debate with my younger sister deciding what color to get. She wanted a red that smelled like cherry, but I already have a red polish and didn’t feel like wasting $3, so I convinced her into getting the blueberry scented one called Not So Blueberry (yeah the names were seriously lacking).

So this is the bottle, and like the name, it’s also seriously lacking. It was just a fail, there’s literally nothing on it. No logo or anything it just says “scented parfume” on the front and I was pretty disappointed with that. Anyway, here the color looks more blue, in real life its more of a lavender. It’s kind of like a blue/lavender shimmery duochrome. It looks pretty interesting in the bottle. 

These pictures are pretty blurry and I apologize. As you can see n some pictures it looks blue while in other it does look lavender, I was worried that it would show up. You can’t quite see the shimmer on pictures, but its there in person. I think its a pretty decent shade nothing super special though. Now, it states that the polish is scented when dry, but let me tell you, its definitely scented when wet too. The second I opened the bottle I could smell the artificial blueberry. It wasn’t bad tho so no complaints on the scent. It also lasted a really long time, I was expecting for the smell to wear off within a few hours, but it stayed for DAYS. that was a pleasant surprise. 
I wasn’t super happy with the formula though. It was really sheer. These pictures have 3 coats of polish and a top coat, but I probably could have gone with 4 or 5 coats. I don’t think the color was pigmented enough. I’ll have to try some other colors to see if thats the case with all of them. Application was average but the drying time was longer than I expected, for 2 thin coats it took a really long time to dry.
Overall, I think its a really interesting idea. It’s kind of fun and I’m willing to try out some of the other colors. I’m pretty interested in the other scents.
Also, excuse the toys in the background, obviously my sister is a good amount younger than me lol. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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