Bigger, Brighter, Brown Eyes!!

Tips to brighten brown eyes!! With brown eyes you get to play around with more colors without it standing out in a bad way.

Best colors for brown eyes:

  • Champagne, peach or light pink- This will brighten and open the entire eye.
    • A shimmery neutral beige all over the lid and then a darker shade on the crease, works great!
  • Gold
  • Shades of purples and violet
  • Deep shades of blue 
  • Grays
  • Greens- best for hazel eyes 
    • stick to smokey greens, olive, forest green
FOR ALL EYES!! For the inner corner always use a shadow with shimmer, this will attract light and brighten your eyes.  This color should always be lighter!!! 
           (navy blue eye shadow with a medium grey on the inner corner)
(purple smokey eye- lighter purple on lid, a violet or plum on the crease)
(metallic grey on lid, a dark charcoal on the crease)
Kim Kardashian is one of my favorites when it comes down to her makeup. She does a great job at making her brown eyes pop. She wears a lot of violets and dark purples for a smokey look. She also uses dark grays. Of course, we can’t forget her super long lashes!! Her lashes make her eyes appear bigger and brighter. 

Until Next Time, 
The Wicked

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