Matte is Murder!

First and foremost I want to show you guys a better comparison.

From to top to bottom:
Matte is Murder
OPI Obscurity
Fuggen Ugly
You can see that the Obscurity is more of flat black while the other 2 have shimmery undertones. The Matte is Murder looks like wrought iron, straight up. It’s pretty damn awesome, I’m not going to lie. 
This is the bottle:

So awesome. I love the bottle artwork so much. It’s kind of hard to see, but the bottle has the artist’s signature. In case anyone was wondering, the artist is Jason Atomic. Props to him.
So here it is! These have a really nice matte finish, especially because they do have that slight shimmer, it definitely gives the polish more dimension. This is 2 coats and a base coat. The application is great, really smooth and has great coverage. Any mess ups are easily covered with another coat. Unlike Fuggen Ugly, Matte is Murder isn’t as sparkly when its wet so what you see when you’re putting it on, is what you’re going to end up with when it’s dry. The drying time is really good on these, they dry fast but it can be kind of hard to tell if they’re fully dry because the finish becomes matte within seconds of application and I always get scared that I’m going to mess it up lol. 
I really love the MANGLAZE polishes, I really do and I’ve seen pics of their top coat and it is amazing! As far as I’ve seen from pictures, it looks like the best matte top coat that I’ve seen. I’m debating whether to buy a bottle, and I might (probably will) when I come across some more money lol. I’m kind of dying to see OPI Unripened as a matte polish, I think it would look really cool.
I also wanted to experiment what would happen if I put a top coat on Fuggen Ugly. I wanted to see if the shimmer would come through. 
Obviously, it didn’t. Everything stayed exactly the same, besides the glossy finish of course. It kind of resembled a Sally Hansen polish that I have, it’s called Gunmetal I believe. 
So here’s the link to buy MANGLAZE directly from them Again, I really suggest these to anyone who likes the matte polishes. They really are fantastic! So buy some!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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