Where is the Sun??-Bronzer 101

Using a bronzer is an easy and quick way to get a golden glow.

When choosing a bronzer make sure it’s not too orange, too dark or frosted. If the bronzer has too much shimmer it will look unnatural and harsh. Also, never go more than two shades darker than you natural skin tone.

When applying a powder bronzer make sure you have a wide, fluffy powder brush.

  • Dip the brush into the bronzer and tap the back of your hand, this will avoid having too much bronzer on your brush.  Remember, it is always better to build up the color little by little, because if you put too much it is very hard to get rid of it.
Where should you apply the bronzer?
 Think of it this way you will want to apply bronzer where the sun naturally would hit your face. 
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Tip of chin 
  • Apples of the cheeks
  • Bridge of nose
Don’t forget the blush! 
The blush should be placed on the apples of your cheeks and blended with the bronzer.

Diagram 1- The blush should be placed on the highest part of the cheekbone 
Diagram 2- Shows where the bronzer should be placed. Place it along the the lower part of the cheekbone. 

Make sure you blend, blend blend!!!! If you don’t blend you will have harsh lines, giving you a unnatural and noticeable look. Blend in a circular direction. 
Examples of what bronzer should look like on different skin shades:

                                       What to avoid!!!!
The bronzer is too dark for her skin and looks too obvious! 
Too dark and not blended properly, looks very unnatural.
Until next time, 
The Wicked

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