Wet n’ Wild Goes Goth!

This one is called Morbid. the name is definitely morbid but the color is really cool.

This color has a black base with really nice emerald green shimmer. In the bottle it can look kind of teal or blue, but it’s green. I thought it looked like OPI Unripened, so I was pretty keen on trying it out. I have 2 coats on here, but one thick coat would be just fine. It covers really well and with a coat of Seche Vite it dries pretty fast too. 
From left to right:
The Unripened came out freaking awesome in these pictures, even better than the pictures I took of it when I reviewed it. I wish it came in a bigger bottle. The Morbid came out strange though. With the flash it started to look more like a frosty purple green duochrome, which it’s definitely not. So compare the Unripened here to the Morbid in the first picture. The Morbid has more shimmer, while the Unripened has glitter that changes color. Both are really nice though.
I wanted to also ad a note about the glitter I reviewed last time. It was super hard to take off, so I strongly advise everyone to get a quality nail polish remover. I cheaped out last time I was buying mine and it’s just terrible. It literally takes off a layer at a time, I can stamp my nails and it will just take off the stamp part. So, really really really you need a good remover.
Also, Sephora does have a bunch of nail polishes (and other stuff) on sale online and in store. I wasn’t particularly drawn to any colors enough to spend $5 on them. And a reminder! http://www.gilt.com is having a Deborah Lippmann sale tomorrow Tuesday 2/8! I will be checking it out and letting you guys know if the prices are any good. Again, it’s a private sale site so you’d have to sign up to be able to access it.
Until next time,
The Wicked


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