Looking For The Perfect Brush?- Brushes 101

Brushes are a huge part of making the makeup look great. Without good or the right brushes it becomes very challenging to achieve a good looking makeup application. Using the wrong brushes will make it hard to blend the makeup, and will leave you with harsh looking lines.

Please keep in mind I used MAC brushes only as an example to give you an idea of the shape of the brush. This way you will be able to know what to look for. 

Face Brushes

Foundation Brush–  for applying liquid foundation. These brushes can be tricky because many times they streak. 
MAC Brush #190
Stippling Brush–  has many uses. You can use a brush like this to apply foundation, creams, and powder products. A stippling brush makes is easier to apply liquid foundation because it will not streak. However, the bristles need to be stiff. 
MAC Brush #130
MAC Brush # 187
$42.00 (this is a larger brush)

Small Contour Brush–  for applying powder products, perfect for conturing. This brush should be soft to smoothly blend color into the face. This brush isn’t necessarily  needed unless you want to contour your cheekbones. 

MAC Brush #109

Angled Blush Brush–  for applying blush or contour on the cheeks. An angled brush makes it easier to blend and apply. This brush also needs to be soft. 
MAC Brush #168

Concealer Brush–  used to apply and blend all concealers. Using a concealer brush will give you more coverage. Great for covering spots, pimples, or any other imperfections.
MAC Brush #195
Eye Brushes

Flat Stiff Brush–  used to apply eyeshadow or pigments to the eyelid. The brush should be dense and soft in order to shade and blend the eyeshadow. It can be used to build intense color in the eyelid.


MAC Brush #239

Stiff Dome Brush–  for shading or blending eyeshadow or creamy products. Perfect for creating a smoky eye and for applying color on the crease. You will love a brush like this, it makes it so much easier to blend!!!


MAC Brush #190

Soft Dome Brush
–  Similar to the stiff dome brush but allows for a more controlled eye shadow application. Creates a softer blended look. Great to blend the shadow under the brow and applying a softer amount of color in the crease.


MAC Brush #190

Until next time,
The Wicked


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