Can’t forget the mascara-Mascara 101

Some people overlook the different choices they have when purchasing mascara. However, there are mascaras for lengthening, thickening, curling, non-smudging, and non- clumping.

To brighten your eyes quickly and easily, curl your lashes and then apply two coats of mascara. 

Quick Tip- When applying a second coat of mascara do it while the first coat is still wet, if you wait till it dries you will get clumps and messy looking lashes. Also, for a more dramatic look apply more than two coats just do it one eye at a time so the mascara won’t dry out. Some people are scared or just don’t know they can apply many coats. Trust me, as long as the mascara isn’t dry you can keep applying, as long as the mascara is good.

Quick Tip- To get the most out of your mascara and get an even coverage, wiggle the mascara wand from the roots of the lashes to the tip. Try to get every single lash don’t forget the lashes on the inner and outer corner of your eyes.


Mascara for lengthening usually come with a wand that have short, densely packed bristles. This allows for more mascara to get on each lash. Also such a wand allows for the mascara to get on the tips and root of the lashes, making them appear longer.  

These mascaras add volume and have a thicker formula of waxes and silicone polymers, which gives the lashes a thick coat. They also have darker  and more intense pigment. Perfect for those who have thin lashes or  a little bit of lashes.


These contain polymers which cause the lashes to shrink and lift, giving them a curl right away. This works well for those with short lashes or lashes that are completely straight. 
Non- Smudging/Waterproof
Such mascaras are water resistant which helps minimize smudging and running. These mascaras can be removed with a oil based makeup remover. Waterproof works for people who have watery eyes of contact wearer, or weddings. However, these mascaras can be a little more harsh than the others so they may dry out your lashes. 
Clump free mascara glides on smoothly, therefore you will not have to deal with clumps. However, they do contain fewer waxes and fibers which won’t give you a lot of volume and length. 
                                                         My Favorite Mascaras:

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash

LOVE IT!! They also have Aqua Smoky Lash which is a waterproof version of Smoky Lash. The Aqua Smoky Lash works just as well, however it is hard to remove.

Maybelline- The Falsies Volume Express
about $7

At first I didn’t really like it but I love it now, it really does work and it’s super cheap! Just apply more than one coat.

Maybelline- The colossal Volum’ Express
about $7

Love at first use! Works really well, I was really impressed.

Loreal- Extra Volume Collagen
about $7

This mascara really makes your lashes look full and long. The brush gets into the lashes from root to tip, giving you an even application.

Until Next Time, 
The wicked

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