Still got the blues.

A while back I mentioned how I got a set of e.l.f nail polishes, anyone remember? Well, this is the first one I decided to try. It’s called Dark Navy (very original).

It’s pretty hard to see but this is a really nice dark navy, as the name suggests. It actually has a really pretty shimmer which you can’t really see in these pictures. Look at the bottle in the last photo and you can kind of see it. It’s awesome in the sunlight though. I happened to glance at my nails this morning in the light and WOW, the shimmer was amazing. Not only did it have blue shimmer, but also flecks of purple. I can’t get over this color in the light. In the dark is just looks like a dark blue creme polish, which it’s not. 
Here’s the bottle for a better look at the shimmer.
This one came in a trio, the jewel tone trio to be exact. It’s normally $3 but I got it 50% for $1.50. I have to say for a $1 nail polish I was really impressed. The color is really pigmented and opaque. I have one 2 coats and a top coat. I noticed that without a top coat the polish looked really dull so I suggest it for these. But these are such a great value and really nice polishes. I really like this one, so I’m excited to try the other 2.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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