Different Types of Eyeshadow-Eyeshadow 101

Pressed Powder
Pressed eyeshadow is the most popular and most used eyeshadow. Pressed eyeshadows are usually pigmented which allow the colors to show with a small stroke. They are made from a combination of pigments and bonding ingredients. Some of these eyeshadows are available to be used both wet and dry. Pressed eyeshadows have a longer shelf life since they are dry. 

Loose Powder/Pigment
Pigments have become very popular recently and many brands now offer loose pigments. They are made of pigments and other filler ingredients. These are very versatile because they can be used both wet and dry. Pigments tend to be a lot brighter and more pigmented then pressed powders. When used wet they are even more pigmented. Pigments can also be mixed together and mixed with hair and body products. Many people mix them to create different nail polish and lip colors. If you want you can also make these into pressed powders. Some people avoid using loose powders because they are messier. 
Gel or cream eyeshadows can be used alone or as a base for a powder eyeshadow. Many brands offer crease resistant, water-proof or smudge proof. They come in different forms such as a pencil, in a jar or other packaging. 

Liquid eyeshadows are similar to cream/gel but come in a liquid form. However, these are harder to blend and have a shorter shelf life because they dry out or harden. Also they tend to have germs because of the moisture. They also come crease proof, water-proof and smudge proof. 
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