Over The Rainbow Ruffian Style!

Everyone remember when I posted that Valentine’s day ruffian mani? And I said that I had another one in the works? Well here it is!!

Thumb: 2 coats of Sally Hansen Cherry Red (Xtreme Wear)
Index: 2 coats of Sally Hansen Lightening (Insta-Dri)
Middle: 2 coats of Sally Hansen Green with Envy (Xtreme Wear)
Ring: 2 coats of Sally Hansen Blue It (Xtreme Wear)
Pinky: 2 coats of some unnamed purple Milani ( I think I tore off the name by accident a while back) 
After all the nails were painted I did a thick coat of Milani Black Magic over the color and over that I did a coat of Seche Vite. When doing the black coat, you need to make sure that its thick enough to be opaque so the color underneath does not show through. It was cool because from the underside of my nails you could see all the colors but from the top it was just black. Originally I wasn’t sure if I should use a glossy or matte black, but I settled on glossy obviously. I think that using a matte top coat on the whole thing would be pretty cool too, maybe I’ll try that one day. I also considered doing matching tips, but it was too much work for me lol
I love this. It is really simple to do (all it takes is a steady hand) and the top color glides on really easily if you have enough polish on the brush. So just make sure of that. 
ALSO! I have good news!!! I am awaiting a special package in the mail, it should arrive this coming week. Want to know what it is? DUM DUM DUM! OPI Black Shatter!! Definitely keep an eye out for that!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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