Wet n Wild liner vs MAC Fluidline

MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
Wet n Wild Mega Creme Liner
$3 to $4

I love the MAC fluidline gel eye liner!! It goes on VERY smooth, and silky. One thing I really love about this gel liner is that once you have enough product on the brush, it will give a very dark and crisp looking line. You will not have to keep getting more product of your brush because it doesn’t dry out. Also this eye liner last the entire day and does not smudge. When compared to other black liner  would say this liner in more of a softer black. 
The Wet n Wild liner is darker in color; its a very dark black. Also it last longer than MAC’s fluidline. I’ve noticed this because when I try to remove it , it gives me a harder time. I remove my makeup in the shower with regular soap (my skin is too sensitive for daily use of makeup remover), and the Wet n Wild is very hard to remove. However this is a good thing if you want a long lasting wear. And don’t expect either liner to come right off, in general keep in mind gel liner are harder to remove than other eyeliners. So even MAC’s fluidline will not come right off. 
One thing I don’t like from the Wet n Wild liner is that it is very hard to remove from my brushes. Is gets my brushes very hard and almost impossible to remove. Even with a very powerful makeup remover, I still have a hard time. When it comes to my MAC Fluidline I am able to use the same brush without cleaning it for a few days or a week because it stays soft and does not harder the brush. When I use Wet n Wild it gets my brush so stiff that I can’t even apply the liner properly. 
Also, Wet n Wild dries out a lot faster so you have to be quicker when applying it, if not you will have to dip you brush in once again.
Overall, these are both awesome gel liners. I use either of them, however I prefer the MAC Fluidline just because of the hard time I have cleaning my brushes with the Wet n Wild liner. I also find that MAC’s gel liner is smoother and easier to use. However, for the price of the Wet n Wild liner this is not that big of a deal. I think for beginners or anyone looking to try gel eyeliner they should definitely consider Wet n Wild Creme liner, it’s worth its value. 
I recommend to use a thin eyeliner brush, I think they are easier to use and more controllable. 
Until next time, 
The wicked

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