Expressions Girl

First and foremost, Happy President’s Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their day off, I know I am. But now, onward to the post. A few days ago, Friday I believe, I was in TJ Maxx and I was looking around for anything interesting (and cheap).  I came across this cute 24 piece mini set.

I really liked it because the polishes came in pairs. The bottom row of polishes all had a pearl finish and the top row was matching glitters. They was a really nice variety of colors and for $5.99 it was hard not to take them. I did have some doubts about the quality, and I was right. 

This is one of the polish from the first picture. It’s the one in the left corner. I really liked the aquamarine-tealish color. Oh well.

(In the shade)


(In the sunlight)
Index: pearl finish
Ring: pearl with glitter over it
As you can see, it is very very sheer. Also the brush was TERRIBLE! It was like one of those plastic paint brushes that you use when you’re a kid. Yeah, really bad. Also, the polish itself was super goopy when layered. I was going to swatch all the colors, but after I saw this I realized it would be an incredible waste. And now I don’t know what to do with this set. Too bad these were so darn cute. *Sigh* 
On another note, there is a sale nail polish/ nail care sale that’s ending tonight on I checked it out, there are individual polishes and trios for sale along with a bunch of nail care stuff. I wasn’t sure of the quality so I passed on buying anything. So, you guys can check that out if you’re a member (this is another one of those private sale sites). And let’s all hope my next purchase isn’t a complete fail!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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