Lipstick Finishes- Lipstick 101

Many people are unaware that lipstick comes in different finishes


Matte lipstick gives the lip a good color and tend to be more opaque. They are bold and dramatic. Instead of being shiny the color is flat, therefore they tend to dry the lips. You should apply a moisturizing base before applying the lipstick. I recommend putting a lip balm first, before applying any makeup on your face. This way by the time you get to applying your lipstick, your lips will be nice and soft. With matte lipstick you tend to see more of the texture and cracks on the lips so it is very important for your lips to be in good condition. 

Pearly and frost lipstick reflect light, making your lips sparkle. These lipstick can also feel heavy and may even dry and crack your lips, therefore apply a balm before. 


Creme lipsticks contain more wax than the other, helping protect your lips from feeling dry.  They feel creamier and nicer on the lips. This finish is not really shiny so it may require for lip gloss to be applied over the lipstick. 

Gloss isn’t a lipstick but rather a lip enhancer, it adds shine to the lips and more of a translucent color. They can be worn with or without lipstick. Lip gloss also adds depth and dimension to the lips (great for women who have thin lips). Gloss is very quick, easy to apply and retouch throughout the day. 
Long Lasting and Transfer- Resistant 

These lipsticks or lip-glosses keep the color on your lips for hours. Lip glosses that are long lasting tend to come in a two step application; the color and then a lip gloss or balm to be applied on top. Long lasting lipsticks last from 4 to 6hours, while transfer resistant may last 8 or more hours. However. you will also need a balm because these lipsticks and lip glosses may dry your lips. 
Until next time, 
The wicked

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