MAC Mischievous Mint and Black Shatter

So, I’ve had on Mischievous Mint for a full week and the wear is absolutely fantastic (the same goes for Mean and Green). Seriously, not one chip after a full 7 days! I thought it would be a waste to remove a manicure that hadn’t chipped at all, so I just added a bit to it. I’ve been wanted to try shatter tips, and I used this as my opportunity

Indeed, I like it. I just put Black Shatter on the tips freehand and no top coat. 
The whole MAC Quite Cute Collection kind of reminds me Easter because of the pastel colors, and when I did this it kind of reminded me of an easter egg. Like when you dye an easter egg it can sometimes get cracks of color, yeah like that. So, I think its pretty appropriate for the upcoming holiday.
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Until next time,
The Wicked

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