Luxy Clip In Hair Extensions – LOVE THEM!!

Luxy Clip-In Hair Extensions
So about a year ago I cut my hair really short, a little longer than a pixie cut. Now I am letting my hair grow but, of course that will take a few years. I had hair extensions twice before, a few years ago, and they were annoying to deal with. Therefore, I decided to get some clip in extensions because I would wear them whenever I wanted.  
I did my research and decided that I would order the Luxy clip in hair extensions. I decided to order these because they had really good reviews. Also the two sisters who started the business seem to really care about their customers. The extensions only come in 20 inches, which is pretty long. However, they offer a variety of colors. Also, you can decide how much hair you want, either 120 grams or 160 grams. If you want fuller hair or have lots of hair I suggest the 160 grams. Also, the more hair you have the less stringy and thin they look at the end, making them blend. I ordered the 160 grams and only paid $139.95, with free shipping. The price is very reasonable considering the how much they sell in other places. Also the hair is 100% remy human hair. Remy hair is the best hair there is. 
Of course, I was dying to receive them to see what they would be like. Let me just say they did not disappoint me. The hair is really soft and shiny. The clips they bring are great and seem to be very strong. So as soon as I received them, I decided to play around with them and put them in. It was so easy to put in especially after watching  the video they have up on You Tube. I was scared that they would not blend in with my hair but to my surprise they did. Of course they require you to style and play around with your hair in order to get a blended look, but it was fairly easy. 
I have not worn them out anywhere so I have to try them this weekend or so. Also I will try curling them  and see how that does. But for now I am completely satisfied with my order. I am very happy I decided to order them from Luxy. Once I use try them out for a while I will post another review. 
Here’s is a before and after from the Luxy website: 
Until next time, 
The Wicked

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