Girl On a Budget- MAC VS NYX Lipstick

So, I realize not everyone can afford $14.50 lipstick. Therefore I am comparing MAC lipsticks with NYX lipstick that are similar in color. Also, I understand many women like to try different shades all the time so this is a way of trying new shades of lipsticks and not go broke. 

Girl About Town (on top) 
NYX Round lipgloss 

Doll Pink (bottom)
So the NYX is a lipgloss because I didn’t have a lipstick similar to the MAC lipstick. I really love both colors, they are like a fuchsia color. They have a blue undertone which is perfect for people with a cool skin tone. In fact, I just realized the NYX lipgloss has blue reflectives when in the light, but you can only see them in the case and only when the light hits it. 
MAC Red (left) 
NYX Round lipstick 

Chaos (right)
The MAC Red has a more yellow undertone when compared to NYX Chaos. I can honestly say that I love NYX Chaos because it has a blue undertone, which goes with my skin color. In the photo you can also see that the NYX Chaos is shinier than MAC Red.  Also,the  NYX Round Lipsticks are very creamy and slide on very smoothly. They do not dry out your lips, something that impressed me because of the price. The only thing I recommend is to be careful when applying the NYX Chaos because since it glides on so smooth, it is very easy to make a mistake. Don’t forget to line your lips when using red!!!
Quiet Please (middle) 
NYX Round lipstick 
Frosted Flakes (right)

NYX Round lipstick 
Circe (right)
Sorry for the photo, these colors were very hard to photograph since they are very light. But as you can see all three are very similar. These are all great for a nude lip. MAC’s Quite Please has more shimmer than both of the NYX lipsticks. NYX Circe is almost matte and has no shimmer in it, Frosted Flakes has some shimmer but that as much as MAC’s. Also, MAC’s quite please is kind of sheer so to get the color you have to out a few layers. 
You can get the NYX products, with the price I listed above at: 
They sometimes hold sales for NYX products, so take advantage of them. I will post any sales I become aware of. So, follow us, so you won’t out!!!!! Also if you have any suggestions you can always e-mail us or leave a comment. Thanks for reading our post!!
Until Next Time, 
The Wicked 

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