Girl on a Budget: Daddy’s Girl vs Bad Romance

The next Deborah Lippman glitter that I wanted to compare was Bad Romance (I thought about doing Ruby Red Slippers, but I haven’t found a good alternative yet).

Here is Sinful Colors Daddy’s Girl (left) versus Bad Romance (right)


Once again there are some definite differences just from these pictures. Daddy’s girl doesn’t really look like glitter from here but it actually is. It had a bright crayon purple sheer base and purple glitter. Bad Romance has a sheer black base and purple glitter with bits of hexagonal purple sequins. The glitter in Bad Romance is also much more sparse than in Daddy’s Girl.

Left to right:
Daddy’s Girl over 2 coats of OPI Siberian Nights (purple)
Daddy’s Girl over 1 coat of Nicole by OPI Razzle Dazzler (black)
(and repeat)
For some reason I had a really hard time capturing it on camera, if you click the picture and enlarge it you can see the glitter better. It’s been cloudy for a whole week and it’s pretty terrible for taking pictures of glitter. But if anything there are plenty of pictures on google of Daddy’s Girl along with Bad Romance. I did the two different bases just to see if there was any major difference, but its only slight since the Daddy’s Girl base is super purple it makes anything under it look purple. I do like it over black better I think. You can really see the difference if you take a picture with flash. 
Overall, I think it’s a decent alternative. I’m a huge fan of Bad Romance and I don’t think there will ever be an exact match, but for $2.99 I’ll take it! Again, you can find all the Sinful Colors at Walgreens and Deborah Lippmann at Nordstrom ($18 each).
Until next time,
The Wicked

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