Girl on a Budget: Black with Envy vs. Black Pearl

As my girl on a budget fix was coming to an end, I made a discovery and had to add it on. I really wish I had known about this earlier, Revlon has apparently released a dupe, called Black with Envy, for Chanel’s Black Pearl.

This is Black with Envy, it’s not my picture, but it was the best one I could find. It is very very very similar, except it doesn’t have the tealish undertones that Black Pearl has. Its a steely, black metallic and I think its really cool. So, I went out looking for it yesterday and I could not find it. It is amazingly difficult to find, there are some on Ebay, but they range from semi over priced to really over priced. Supposedly this is limited edition, I’ll probably try and look for it again just to see if it’s still in stores anywhere.
This is Black Pearl, you can see that tealish undertone in this picture, it’s almost green. I’ve been dying for this polish for a really long time, but I haven’t had the heart to buy it. Strangely a lot of people seem to think that its really hard to find and try to sell in on Ebay for over $30, but it’s actually very readily available in Macy’s for $21. Not saying that $21 is cheap, but its better than $30 (and it’s even better if you work/ know someone that works at Macy’s and can get a discount). 
I’ll be on the search for Black with Envy this weekend and I’ll let you guys know if I have any luck. As the girl on a budget series comes to a close I hope you have all enjoyed it and found it helpful. Also! Tomorrow we will be posting out 100th post! A very exciting day for us, and we hope you’ll all come back and check that out and be sure to follow us!!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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