5 Eyebrow Mistakes

Eyebrows can have a real big impact on your look. Eyebrows should not underestimated because they can totally change your facial expressions. With the right eyebrow shape, you will look fresher, younger and tidier. 
Over Plucking
Over plucking is one of the most frequent problems when it comes to eyebrows. If you make your eyebrows too thin, your eyes will not look defined. Also if you over pluck your eyebrows there is a possibility that some hairs will not grow back. Nowadays the natural fuller eyebrows are trendy. 
Drawing your Eyebrows with a Dark Pencil 
If you have sparse eyebrows, avoid using dark pencils to fill them in. Never use a black pencil because on one has black eyebrows. Even if your hair is jet black, you should never use a black pencil. Instead use a eyebrow powder with an angled brush. Fill in any gaps and build the color little by little. 
Trimming Too Much Of Your Eyebrows
Trimming hairs that are too long is an important step in having nice shaped eyebrows. However, if you trim the hairs too short they can destroy the shape of the eyebrow and can leave you with a bold spot. Instead try cutting one hair at a time. Trim only the hairs that are longer than the rest.
Taking too Much off the Ends
Short eyebrows look less elegant than longer eyebrows. You can find the ideal end of your eyebrow by touching your brow bone.  Wherever the bone ends, should also be the end of your eyebrows. 
Tweezing Too Frequently 
Grooming your eyebrows every day is too much and it is not necessary. You should tweeze your eyebrows once a week to avoid over plucking them. If you want your eyebrows to look defined and fresh try putting a bit of concealer underneath and on top of the eyebrow. This will make your eyebrows pop and look like you just did them. 
Until Next Time, 
The Wicked

2 thoughts on “5 Eyebrow Mistakes

  1. Any suggestions to what brand of eyebrow powder to use? where would I even get that!? Clearly I am make-up illiterate

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