Eye Makeup Solutions for different Eye Shapes

To help identify what your eye shape is, look in the mirror and notice the amount of visible eyelid between your upper lashes and your brow bone. 
Small Eyes 

Extend the liner beyond the corner if your eye this will make your eyes appear bigger. Use lighter shades or with slight shimmer on the lid this will help open your eyes. Try to keep dark colors to a minimum because they will make your eyes appear smaller than what they are. Also if you line your eye all around they will look smaller. Instead line the bottom rim with white or a skin color liner. Applying mascara to both the bottom and upper lashes will definitely open your eyes. Try adding a couple of layers to add length to your eyelashes.  If you want your eyes to stand out even more, maybe for a special occasion, consider wearing false eyelashes. 
Prominent Eyes

Try using medium to deep shades on the upper lid to help minimize their appearance. If you don’t want your eyes to look scary big or too prominent avoid light eyeshadows because they will bring them out even more. A thicker eyeliner will help your eyes look less prominent. However, if you want a thick liner yet, soft, try smudging and blend it. 
Deep-Set Eyes

Always use paler shades around the eyes to enhance them. You will want to avoid dark colors because this will make yours eyes look sunken in, so it will not flatter them. But you can try light colors with shimmer to make your eyes appear even. You can still you eyeliner. Also use a lot of mascara to bring out your eyelashes. 
General Rule
Dark eyeshadows add depth too
Until Next Time, 
The Wicked 

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