Nail Art Options

When thinking about nail art, most people don’t realize how many options there are, but there are SO many! I’m sure some people like to have their nails just one color, but others need some options (like myself). So, I’m going to go through some different options for jazzing up our nails!

1. Nail Art Pens/ Polishes

So, these are pretty simple to understand. They come in a variety of colors and are made for detailing.

On the top are the Sally Hansen nail art pens that came out a few years ago. They’re pretty interesting. After you use them, you need to do a top coat of they will actually wash off, which is super strange. They run about $6-7 and you can find them anywhere.

On the bottom, are LA Colors nail art polishes. You can see that the brushes are thin and pointed and they come in a variety of colors. There are lots of brands that have these kinds of polishes, they’re also widely available. I actually haven’t seen the LA Colors in stores, but I saw another brand and each one was $2.99

2. Nail Stickers

Also super simple to use, nail stickers are a great quick fix when adding to nails. There’s no drying time or really any effort at all. You can find tons of these everywhere and pretty much any kind you want. These are really easy and are great for kids (and adults!).

I really love these, I might have to find them lol

3. Rhinestones

 Ahh, rhinestones. I do love sparkly things.

You can get rhinestones 2 ways: stick-on or not stick-on. The sticky backed ones come in sticker form, while the other ones come just like you see here

They come in all different shapes and sizes and colors and are relatively easy. Obviously, ones with sticky backs are like stickers and therefore easy to adhere.

4. Stamping

Probably my favorite way to decorate my nails. This picture is of a Konad stamping set, but other companies do make these types of plates, people tend to call them “fauxnad” plates. Such simpler to use than it seems, it just takes a little practice. When buying Konad specifically, you can usually get bundles that include some polishes, plates and the stamper and scraper. I do recommend getting the Konad polishes because they dry on contact, but any polish will work. Because they dry so fast, you do have to work faster when using them.

You can get Konad on various websites. I use

One alternative to Konad that is an awesome deal comes from Bundlemonster. It’s 21 plates for $17. Yeah, awesome!

5. Nail Polish Strips

This is the newest thing when it comes to decorating nails. They are nail polish strips, no polish necessary. It completely simplifies the way you do nails. I’m not sure how the application is or anything, but I think it’s a good idea, especially for people who don’t have time to do their nails all the time. You can see that there are TONS of options here, some of them can be achieved with Konad, while others are definitely original.

When going with these I would suggest getting something original, like the butterflies, flowers or lace (my favorite!). Getting a plain color or even glitter wouldn’t be worth it in my mind. They’re $7-8 and I think you get one use out of each pack.

Until next time,
The Wicked


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