Tips on applying eyeshadow

Eyeshadow look great and can change your look dramatically. However, it must be applied correctly or it will look like a hot mess. 
Your eyeshadow should not be extended past the end of your eyebrows. If you extend it further your eye will look droopy. When you are done applying the eyeshadow take a sponge and wipe off any excess eye shadow.  In the diagram above, you see that the eyeshadow stops where her eyebrows do. When your done the eyeshadow should end in an upward angle in the outer corner of the eye. 
Another thing you will want to avoid is extending the eyeshadow too high. You cannot apply eyeshadow all the way to your eyebrows. Just go a little above your crease with the dark eyeshadow. Then use a natural matte color to highlight under your eyebrows. 
Also make sure that when you apply your eyeshadow, both eyes are even. I recommend applying each color to both eyes, instead of doing one eye completely then the other. This will help you apply the eyeshadow evenly. 
If you are older or have wrinkles you will want to avoid using shimmer because they will make the wrinkles pop out even more. Instead use matte or satin finishes. 
If you have dark circles, use a concealer to cover them before you apply eyeshadow. 
I can’t stress how important blending is. You can have the best eyeshadow, most flattering colors, yet if they are not blended, it will not look very nice. Invest in a soft eyeshadow brush to blend. This will be very worth it. Apply the darker color at the crease then blend like a  car windshield. Try not to go too high. And if you want the color darker just keep applying at the crease and blending, do not apply it above the crease. 
Until next time, 
The Wicked

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