Essie Dive Bar and Manglaze Matte-Astrophe

Here is the first real swatch of Manglaze Matte-Astrophe.

This is Essie Dive Bar, really nice color, especially in the sunlight. It’s a deep tealy color, it changes from blue to green and sometimes even purple depending on the light. It has really pretty shimmer that totally elevates the color in the light. This is either 2 or 3 coats, 2 coats is fine, but 3 is better. It’s a pretty sheer first coat, but don’t worry, another coat will fix it. This is actually my first Essie polish, believe it or not. 

So, I decided to add Matte-Astrophe, just to see. A tip for everyone! Make sure that your nail polish is completely dry, if it’s not the top coat will crackle. I mean it could be cool, but it just bothers the crap outta me. I swore my polish was dry, but lo and behold, freaking cracks! It’s not that noticeable here, but in person it was veryyyy prominent. So definitely give yourself plenty of HOURS for your polish to dry.  
Other than that, I love the top coat, it’s really really cool. It works super quickly and takes only a few minutes to dry. I definitely think the idea of a matte top coat is great. You can make all your polishes matte with one polish! It pays for itself in no time if you like the matte look, like I do.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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