Makeup Products in Shades that look good on everyone

Peach Blush

A peach color with a little shimmer looks good on any skin tone. Instead of going for a pink or frosty blush, which may look harsh on some skin tones, go the safe route with a peachy color. 
Navy Eyeliner

A navy eyeliner will make your eyes look awake regardless of your skintone. Try a cream or pencil eyeliner.
True Red Lipstick

So many women are afraid to wear a red lip, however, this is a color that anyone can wear. However, when you use other red shades, watch out because they might not flatter you. Try to get a true red!


Any one can wear bronzer the trick is getting the right shade and applying it correctly. Obviously if you have light skin you  do not want to go over board with it or go for a dark shade. Never go more than 2 or 3 shades darker than your skin tone, this goes for everyone.

Until next time, 
The wicked


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