OPI Skull and Glossbones: Matte and Comparison

I’ve been meaning to try a lighter color with the matte top coat, but I don’t have many light colors. I think this might be the only one besides white lol

Left to right:
no top coat
no top coat
matte top coat
It’s easier to see if you enlarge the picture. This is the same manicure as the last pot, but I added Matte-Astrophe to 2 fingers. And I have concluded that it looks just like a beige wall! Not that it’s a bad thing or anything, it’s kinda cool, but it does look like a wall.
I also decided to do a side by side comparison with Brucci Alexandra’s “Hot” Gray
Left to right:
Hot Gray
Skull and Glossbones
Hot Gray
Skull and Glossbones
So, as you can see, the Hot Gray is a cooler stone, more like a stone gray, while Skull and Glossbones is a warmer, beigey gray. I love them both, but I thought the comparison was worth showing.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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