Revlon Black with Envy!

Victory! I was in Walgreens completely not looking for this and out of the corner of my eye I saw a whole display for it. My Walgreens must be seriously behind the times, because this has been sold out forever and last time I went looking for it, it was nowhere to be found. If you recall, I did a girl on a budget post about this comparing it to Chanel Black Pearl. So here are the swatches!


(no flash and kind of blurry)
Well it is completely overcast here in the Northeast, so taking pictures is a complete pain because nothing looks right in artificial light. The picture with flash is pretty close to how it looks in person, but it looks a little too metallic in the picture. It has a glossy finish like in the bottom picture, but the color is a little more grey rather than blue-toned like it looks there. Also, it almost looks creme in in the bottom picture, but you can see the shimmer in person. So mix the two pictures together in your minds and you’ll have it!
Anyway, I have on two coats and a top coat. The formula is smooth and even but the polish is a little sheer, more sheer than I expected. It’s fine with two coats but I probably should have done three, oh well. The color is a dark grey with silver almost light blue shimmery flecks or flecky shimmer (find of a mix between flecks and shimmer. It’s really nice). 
I’ve been looking at swatches of Black Pearl and they are veryyyyy similar. It was less than $6 so I suggest everyone go and double check Walgreens! ALSO!! While I was there I saw that Sally Hansen has a whole new crackle collection. Confused? Yeah I was too. I had no idea this was coming out, totally caught me off guard. There is blue, white, silver, black, gold, red? and possible something else that I don’t remember. I was going to get the white or maybe silver, but I’m planning to get those from OPI so I didn’t get them. They were $6 or $8 each ( I don’t remember lol) so the price isn’t that much cheaper than OPI. One of the bloggers that I follow read my mind and posted a review of the blue and gold this morning. So definitely check that out.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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