Lip colors to try this Summer!

Bright, bold lip color has been the trend in recent fashion shows and fashion magazines. This summer bold lipstick is the trend. When trying these bold colors remember to keep the rest of the makeup clean and simple. 

Orange Lipstick

Now this has been seen on the Gucci runway with bronzed skin. I have to admit not everyone can pull this off, it is a very bold move. However, you could play around with it and see how it looks on you. Last time I went to MAC on the girls had a pinkish orange lipstick and it looked awesome on her. She had fair skin with a winged eyeliner. 
Fuchsia Lipstick

Fuchsia lipstick is another alternative to the classic red lipstick. I really love this color and I love the way it looks on cool skin tones. This is a way to create a statement. 
Coral Lipstick

Coral is an alternative and safer then the orange or fuchsia lipstick. If you want something less daring then you should try a coral lipstick instead. 
Until Next Time, 
The Wicked

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