Pirates, Orly and an Announcements!

So I ended up adding to my POTC nails because I liked my thumb too much to change it lol.

I did change three of my fingers as you can see.
index: 2 coats OPI You Don’t Know Jacques
middle: 1 coat Nicole by OPI Razzle Dazzler
pinky: 2 coats OPI You Don’t Know Jacques
Then I used the Kiss nail art pens. I used the white one for the skull and the black one to make my You Don’t Know Jacques nails to look like wooden boards (hopefully that was easily figured out).
Next on the agenda.. Orly! So after I took the above picture I decided to redo my nails, and I could not figure out what to do for longest time. I wanted something sparkly but couldn’t decide on what. Finally I just decided to do the Milani jewel fx Gold on all my nails, but I left my POTC thumb lol. Of course, as my luck goes, 20 minutes later the doorbell rings and it’s my Orly polishes! So I ended up having to swatch all the colors on only my thumb (I’ll do full swatches later on).
From the Precious Collection:
Royal Velvet, 3 coats

Ancient Jade, 1 coat

Pure Porcelain, 2 coats

Gilded Coral, 3 coats

 From the Pinup Collection:

Bubbly Bombshell, 3 coats
So these are the introductory swatches and the amount of coats I have on. I will be doing full swatches and I’ll go into more detail with each color. But overall all the polishes have really nice formulas, smooth and good coverage. The more frosty/ iridescent colors are on the sheerer side so they do need an extra coat or thicker coats to be completely opaque. The cremes are great and are pretty much opaque in 1 coat, which is pretty impressive. I liked that a lot. Also the range of colors in the collections was great. Also, I thought it was worth mentioning that Bubbly Bombshell was amazingly easy to remove. As you can see, it is a glitter and glitter is usually a pain to remove, but this one removed just like a normal polish. Awesome. Probably one of the best features about this polish, I haven’t seen that with a glitter before.
And now for the announcements! Firstly, today is my birthday!! Yay! Just had to get that out there in this special post. Secondly, We are the Wicked will be going on a short 10 day hiatus. We are going to be in Denmark and Sweden so starting tomorrow we won’t be posting for 10 days. But there is plenty of other stuff to check out here! We will try our best to find something interesting stuff and possibly post from there, but no promises. Maybe Swedish and Danish trends? Hmm? Possible. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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