A NO- Makeup look

Perfect skin 

Achieving perfect skin without it looking like pounds of makeup can take a few trials to master. The trick is to use the least amount of products and the right product. I personally prefer liquid foundation because the skin tends to absorb it. I also use a good sponge instead of a brush because the makeup soaks into the skin a lot better. I try to use as little foundation as possible, and trust me it took me a while to accept this myself. Apply concealer to your problem spots especially under the eyes. 
Powder is not needed because natural skin is not matte, however if you have really oily skin you may want to apply powder to your t-zone or wherever you get oily.  If you are going to use a powder get a finishing and light powder or use a translucent powder but keep it to a minimum.  Also, use a warm peachy or pink blush to add a natural color to your cheeks. 
You may use a nude eyeshadow, one that is very close to your skin tone. This will make your eyes appear awake and will give your eyes a neutral color. Use a brown mascara to keep the natural look simple and not dramatic. 
You may use a clear lipgloss or lip balm. You may also use a lipstick very similar to the color of your lips, this will just help your lips look even in color. 
Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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