Upcoming China Glaze Crackle Metals and Orly swatches

Crackle mania continues! A few days ago I found out that China Glaze will be releasing a 6 piece collection of metallic crackles and as far as I’ve seen, they are pretty awesome. They should be released around July/August.

They look pretty cool, don’t they? I’m not sure how much longer this crackle thing will last, but at least this is somewhat new. Here is a link to the swatches:
And now here are some of those full Orly swatches that I promised a while ago.
Ancient Jade, 2 coats. It’s a really nice muted green, very much like the color of jade. I like this one a lot. At first glance it looks like a minty color, but it isn’t at all minty, it’s much more green. So, it looks pretty opaque with one coat, but it is a tiny bit streaky so I suggest a base coat to smooth out your nail before you put this color on so it doesn’t streak or bubble up. 

Pure Porcelain, 2 coats. I have the same suggestion for this one in terms of the base coat. But I really like this color because it isn’t as sheer as most light cremes. I love that it is completely opaque in 2 coats. It’s great.
These are the two Orly cremes that I have (both from the Precious collection) and I have to say that I love the pigmentation of them. Even though they are on the lighter side (especially Pure Porcelain) they are great in 2 coats and aren’t as sheer as expected. For my next post I’ll be showing the two iridescent shades that I have from the Precious collection.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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