Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Winged eye liner can be a bit tricky to do. It took me some practice to be able to do it. Sometimes I still make little mistakes. So just be patient and practice. DON’T get frustrated because this will only mess you up even more, just relax.  Before explaining the steps, I’ll tell you what I used. For this tutorial I used the MAC Eye liner Brush #209 and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. 
Now, if you are new to this you may want to use a thinner brush because this brush is a bit thick and easy to mess up with. Also, I would recommend using the Wet N Wild gel liner or liquid liner because MAC’s gel liner is veryyy smooth, so you need a very steady hand. It glides on very fast so it can be a challenge to control if you are just starting out. However, everyone is different so it may take a bit if testing to see what is easier for you. 
Now let’s begin…
First, line your eye without reaching the inner corner or outer. Make sure it’s straight and go over it until it’s solid black.
Now, line the inner corner of your eye, do this with a very steady hand and lightly. Do not put any pressure. Also, make sure you enough liner on your brush, do not use a dry brush. This line should be thinner than the middle liner. 

Let’s start the wing now! Again do not use a dry brush, dip it in the liner again. Create a curved line extending from your lash line. Do not go lower than I did because this will make your eye look droopy. You can extend it more if you want a more dramatic liner, but I decided to keep it normal for this tutorial.  
Then, you will create another line extending from the top of the original line you had done. You will be left with a little triangle between the two lines. 
Finally, the easiest step, just fill in the little triangle. To give it more of a curve very carefully extend the wing to give it a more pointy and defined finish. Below is a photo where you can see it. This is how it should look when your eye is closed. 
Add mascara and you are good to go! I used the L’oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara (not the one with blue on the packaging). 

Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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