Orly Royal Velvet and Gilded Coral

So here they are! The iridescent shades I’ve been promising.

Royal Velvet, three coats. Absolutely beautiful! Love it. It’s blue and purple and shimmery and just awesome in the sun light. So I definitely suggest three coats for this one, the first will be pretty sheer and it will be opaque with two, but the color is just so much richer with three. Also, a top coat is very necessary. Last time I had this on, I noticed that without a atop coat it kind of dulled after a few days. 

Gilded Coral, three coats. I really love this one too! Its a fleshy, peachy color with a slight pink tone to it.  It’s super iridescent and has a pearl-ish finish. It’s kind of hard to explain. I’m usually not a fan of these light colors, but this one is definitely special. Again, I suggest three coats and a top coat for the same reasons. 
The formula on these is a little thinner than on the creme shades, but that is just because of the finish and such. Other than that the formula is great, smooth and covers very well. I have my final Orly post for next time, and I’m kind of excited for you all to see it. I also want to remind everyone to follow us on here, like us on facebook and even follow us on twitter!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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