OPI Miss Universe Collection

If you are a fan of OPI On facebook, you have probably already heard about this, but if you haven’t here is the OPI Miss Universe Collection!

Left to right (as desribed in the press release):
Swimsuit…Nailed It!An itsy bitsy teenie weenie vibrant shiny-blue bikini
Crown Me Already– A sassy silver sparkle that knows what it’s worth
Congeniality Is My Middle Name– berry-wine shimmer is what I do best!
It’s MY Year– It’s about time for this champagne-rose to shine!
And this is the display 
So, the names and display definitely fit the theme (I like the display a lot). I think it’s an interesting theme, but I’m not really sure how I feel about it yet. The colors don’t seem too original and I don’t know any pageant girls that would wear blue nail polish. I think I’d really have to see this collection in person, press release pictures usually differ from the actual colors. From the two pictures here, you can see that they do look different in the display. It’s MY Year definitely reminds me somewhat of MAC Mean and Green, with a little less green. This collection comes out in August, so we will have to wait until then and judge them in person.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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