Orly Happy Go Lucky Collection: Flirty and Frisky!

A while ago I did a post about the press release for the Orly Happy Go Lucky collection, and today I have two swatches! So, here we go!

Flirty, two coats. This is the only shimmer in the collection, the rest are cremes. You will be able to see the shimmer better if you click on the picture and enlarge it ( I apologize for the sloppiness, my hand was crazy shaking and there was no sunlight. Figures it goes away the second I painted my nails). Anyway, the coverage on this was awesome, one coat is opaque, but a little light and I like another coat just to be on the safe side. Also the formula was super thick on this one. I don’t know if it was because of the shimmer, but that is what I’m assuming. This is as close to the actual color as I could get, it’s a little more on the pink side versus the fuschia type color that it looks like on my pointer finger, the rest are pretty accurate (think the pinky color). 
Frisky, two coats. On the press release this is described as a teal creme, here is obviously looks sky blue, but my camera is lying to you. It definitely has more green in it, closer to a teal. Though, it is much lighter than real teal, so I’m going to say its more of an aqua or turquoise, definitely. The formula on this one is pretty much a perfect consistency and fantastic coverage. It is completely opaque with one coat, it’s awesome. I did two coats just to smooth it out because of my darn shaky hand. 
So, I’m really in love with the formula on these, Orly has perfected the opaque creme and I love it. One coat and you’re done. It really doesn’t get better than that. I do suggest a top coat and base coat as I always do, just to protect your nails and the manicure in general. 
Overall, these two colors are great and perfect for the summer and back to school. I’m assuming the other two in the collection, Fresh and Frolic are also going to be great because they are cremes like Frisky. So, the same review should apply in theory. Brights are totally in for the summer and will probably stick around in the fall, which would be great instead of drab, sad colors. So, I definitely suggest this collection if you’re looking for brights this season. It comes out in July and I cannot wait to see Fresh and Frolic in person!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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