Art Club Nail Polish!

I recently realized to do details, I really need a detail brush. I’ve been hesitant to buy one because I knew I’d  end up buying every color even if I didn’t need it. So, I finally got over it and bought one.

This is what the bush looks like, its thin, obviously for details and to my surprise it was much longer than I expected. It’s great for lines and things, I’m not sure how good it will be for everything else because the length of the brush might make it a little more difficult to handle. This is in silver, I got it in white.
This is the first thing I did after I brought it home. I already had on two coats of OPI Skull and Glossbones so then I did a diagonal stroke of Sinful Colors Black on Black, just one coat of that. And then I did the white stripe with the Art Club in white. It’s definitely easy to handle when doing lines. 
This second experiment was inspired by the movie Despicable Me lol If you saw it, think of the villain, Vector. He wore an orange track suit with white stripes down the side and in his bathroom, the toilet was white and had an orange V. So on three of my nails I did four coats of Sinful Colors Could 9 and on my ring finger I did two coats of OPI Alpine Snow. Then over the orange I did a white stripe with the Art Club to symbolize Vector’s track suit and over the white I did a V in Cloud 9, which would have probably worked out better if I had used a detail brush. Anyway, I think I translated the theme pretty well. I also wanted to try and do minions, but for that I’ll definitely need more Art Club polishes or to invest in a professional detail brush, which I’m considering. 
If you want to see some really cool detail work, check this out
Until next time,
The Wicked

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