Eyelashes from KKcenterhk.com

Today I received eyelashes from http://kkcenterhk.com/ to review. This site is great for buying false eyelashes, wigs, makeup, brushes and many other products for a good price. They have many different types of lashes and the price is very cheap. 

When I first opened my package I was pretty impressed with the packaging, the eyelashes come in a cute black box.  Which is great to keep them in so they won’t get messed up.  The back of the box has instructions and also has a diagram , which is very helpful if you’re not sure on how to apply them. 

I got style A166 which bring 1 pairs of eyelashes for only $12.50. When I took out one of the eyelashes I was impressed on how flexible they are. They are not stiff at all and can easily be shaped, unlike many lashes I have used before. 

I will be trying the lashes a few times and will post a review about them. However, I really like them so far and am exited to try them. I definitely encourage you guys to visit the website and see the huge range of eyelashes they have for great prices. 
These are the lashes I got:

Until next time, 
The Wicked

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