Follow up review of Eyelashes from

A few days ago I received eyelashes from and did a post in them, check it out here However, I said I would try them before doing a review on them. 
I really liked the eyelashes after trying them. I was very surprised because the quality of the eyelashes is great, yet the price is very affordable. The lashes are very easy to apply because they bend easily unlike other eyelashes. I have tried other low priced eyelashes and have not have a good experience because they wouldn’t bend , so both ends would keep coming off. However, with these lashes I did not have that problem.
False eyelashes may have to be trimmed in the end if the eyelash strip is longer than your eye. Therefore, before applying any glue on them you should always check if they have to be trimmed. If you have an extra piece then carefully cut that piece off. After you have the right fit, apply the glue and you are ready to apply them. 
My eyes are pretty long so I never have to trim the eyelashes. So in the pictures below I have the entire strip on. 
Without false eyelashes (only mascara)
Sorry the flash hurt my eye.
With  False Eyelashes 

I love these lashes because they make my lashes look fuller instead of making them look completely fake. If you have shorter lashes than of course they will look more dramatic on you, but for me they added fullness and a little bit of length at the end. That is why I like them because I do not like when eyelashes look too dramatic. I will definitely be ordering from, they are worth it!
Until next time, 
The wicked 

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