Makeup tips for Teens! Also a Cherry Culture 20% off code

I remember wanting to wear makeup as a teen but was clueless as to what I should use or how. As a teen it is very important to keep your makeup look simple and natural. Wearing too much makeup will not flatter you. 
Most teens have flawless skin and an even skin tone, therefore you will not need any foundation. Instead you can try a bronzer very lightly just to add a little color and make your skin glow. If you have any marks or flaws on your skin and want to cover them up, try a mineral foundation.  For acne, just use a concealer on the problem areas. 
For your eye makeup use light colors such as pink, peach and champagne. Try these colors in a shimmery finish. If you want you can add eyeliner, but keep the line very thin.   After, just curl your eyelashes and apply a layer of mascara to add length and volume.  For your lips use a natural colored lip gloss
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Until next time, 
The Wicked

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