Kiss Nail Art Pens!

I got these a while ago, but kept forgetting to review them!

These are the nail art pens that I used to do my POTC mani for the premiere of On Stranger Tides back in may, if you’re interested here it is. 
Well, there isn’t much to say about them. One is black and one is white. They look just like thin tipped markers. The black one worked really really well, but the white one was kind of sheer and streaky and never really became opaque. It’s pretty obvious from the picture.
Overall they worked pretty well, the Sally Hansen ones are probably better quality than these. Also, make sure the base polish is completely dry before you use these or the color won’t show up. They are easy to handle and everything, but the quality of the white could be so much better. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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