New Zoya offer and

If you like Zoya on facebook or follow them on twitter you’ve probably heard about this already, but for everyone that hasn’t, in celebration of getting 50,000 likes on facebook Zoya is giving away their 8oz Remove+ nail polish remover with every online order. This offer is good on any purchase, besides their spoon things, just use the code ZOYA50K and it’s good until 7/24/11.

Also, I wanted to tell you about this pretty cool website called It’s a website that was created by Dr. Oz (yeah, that Dr. Oz) and Dr. Roizen in order to equip women with the tools to improve their inner and outer beauty in order for them to live healthier and happier lives. I was invited to the launch of this site, that was on 7/13/11 and I actually met Dr. Roizen. This site it pretty interesting, after the launch I went one it myself and tried it out. The first thing you do is make an account and then you can take a variety of quizzes (from hair, to face shape, to sleep…), these quizzes are based on research and examine all the factors that affect beauty and they add about 3 quizzes per month so you’ll never get bored! All your results are recorded and then you are given action steps to follow so that you can reach your full, beautiful potential. There is also a team of specialist, from every field imaginable, that write interactive columns an answer any questions you may have. Your profile stays completely private and you can even ask questions anonymously. Its a cool concept and a really nice site, the quizzes are fun and very informative, so definitely check it out!

Until next time,
The Wicked

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