Wet n’ Wild Gray’s Anatomy!

A week or so ago my boyfriend sent me a picture of a ratchet he bought and it was super pretty.

And as I was looking at the picture I though to myself, “this would look awesome as nail polish”. A few days go by and I am forced to go buy shampoo and conditioner, of course my trips never end there and I wandered into the nail care aisle for cotton rounds and just to look around. While at the Wet n’ Wild display, I saw it. Some polish that weirdly reminded me of that ratchet. It had to be fate, so I bought it.

Gray’s Anatomy, five coats. It is super super sheer and it really wasn’t opaque enough for me until five coats. It took me an hour and I messed up my back from sitting on the floor but it was worth it. It took foreverr because I let every layer dry before I applied another. This is one of their fast dry polishes and I have to say it did dry pretty quickly. I waited about five minutes between each application. It may look a little streaky if you don;t do an even application but it smoothes out a bit as it dries. It’s kind of iridescent and duochrome and has a definite frosty finish. As usual I have a base and top coat. I seriously had to take a bajillion pictures in order to get the different colors to show up on camera. 

The color changes from an orchid color to a grey green and then a slate color. 

This is the only one I took in the sunlight, because for some reason all the duochrome got washed out and it pretty much stayed this lilac, orchid-y color. But you can see how it almost looks like a foil! Which is pretty cool and unexpected. 

This is a last minute picture I took. I think you can see the differences in color the best here. 

So overall, I really like this shade even though it is not as pigmented as the ratchet. In real life, it is a little more pigmented than in the pictures and it’s a little frostier. I think there was a Sally Hansen shade that looked exactly like the ratchet but I’m pretty sure it was discontinued and I can’t remember the name. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more shades like this.

Until next time,
The Wicked


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