Make Up For Ever- Aqua Eyes Pencil Liner

 Make Up For Ever has the Aqua Eyes liner which is suppose to be waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof. They come in 25 different colors, some which are very bright. 
Price- $18
When you apply the liner is smooth, so it’s very easy to apply and you don’t have to tug and pull your eye.  This is a plus since I wear contacts and my eyes tend to dry very quickly if I don’t blink for a few seconds. 
However, the color isn’t as strong as I expected, you have to keep applying it to get a strong black. Also, when I applied it on my waterline, it did disappear and quicker than I expected. 
One of my main concerns when I apply eyeliner on my water line is that for some reason it always ends up running to the outer corner of my eye. This is something I still have found no solution to, after trying numerous eye liners and techniques. So when I bought this pencil I thought this would end this problem however, it didn’t even when I set it with black eyeshadow. But when you apply eyeshadow over this liner it does last longer than on its own. 
Quick Tip: If you want your waterline to last longer than also put eyeliner on the top inner line of your eye. (basically under your eyelashes). This will help a lot because each time you blink both lines will have eyeliner on them. Also, always set your eyeliner with eyeshadow, this helps alottttt!  
Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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