Feather Hair Extensions!

Obviously these hair feathers have been HUGE lately. I’m not sure who started this trend.. probably Steven Tyler because I love him. Anyway, at first I didn’t get it at all, but the more I saw them the more I love them and I am officially sucked in.

These are the feathers that I got. It was a pack of 12 (there are only 9 here because I used 3). It was a bunch of different colors, some solid, some grizzly, and some striped. These are real rooster feathers, natural colors. They come in every color you can imagine and the site I got mine from (link at the bottom) has amazing peacock feathers and pretty much any other feather you can imagine.

These are the tools that you need: a latch hook, micro ring beads and pliers. I bought the beads and latch hook from the same website as the feathers, and I got the pliers from a craft store. I was going to buy a latch hook at the craft store also, but then I decided against because I did not know if the beads would fit on it. Better safe than sorry. 
In terms of the beads, there are ones with plastic and silicone. The website only had silicone, which I hear is better because it grips hair better and thats handy for people with thinner hair. 
Here I added two feathers

And I added one feather underneath.
So, actually putting the feathers in takes a little bit of practice. Here is a great video:
While on my feather search, I went into a store in my mall that advertised (badly) that they had hair feathers. Imagine my elation when the thought of not paying shipping popped into my mind. On further investigation, this store/salon was charging $12 a feather! Are they nuts?! This included “installation”, which you can do yourself! So that went down the drain very quickly. I ended up buying my feathers and supplies from Moonlight Feather. I got priority shipping so I paid a little more to get them faster, but the shipping is so cheap if you’re willing to wait a few extra days. 
You can also buy everything here, unless its sold out.
Overall, I love them! I was so excited to get them. Once I get a little better at putting them in I might even order some more. They are so diverse and are just awesome! You can even wash, blow dry, flat iron and curl them. Love love love. That’s all I have to say.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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