Origins Ginzing Eye Cream Review

Price: $29
First off, would like to apologize for not posting yesterday, but I had a family emergency. I been meaning to do a review on the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream but always forgot. So this eye cream is suppose to brighten and depuff your eyes. Ginzing has caffeine from coffee bean, Panax Ginseng, Magnolia in order to get rid of those tired eyes.  It is also one of Origins top selling products
The cream is a light pink color and has a tiny sparkles, however  they do not show when you apply it. The sparkles just help reflect light, brightening up your eyes. I first tried this cream as a sample from Sephora and loved it. I have never been that concerned with dark circles or puffiness because I don’t get them that bad, even though I rarelyyy get 8 hours of sleep.  But when I applied it for the first  time I saw the difference, my eyes looked very awake and refreshed. 
However, one of my concerns was that it would interfere with my makeup but it didn’t. My makeup stayed put throughout the day how it normally does. I also had my sister try it because she has a bit of dark circles and a darker complexion than I do, and it also helped reduce her dark circles. I was also very surprised because you need so little of the product. 
Another thing I really liked about this eye cream is that it is very gentle and does not irritate your eyes. For some reason the area around my eyes is extremely sensitive but this eye cream does not bother me at all. Other eye creams start burning my skin right away to the point I have to wash it right off and my skin gets really red and fragile for a few days. The area around my eyes is so sensitive that even blending my eyeshadow irritates my eyelid the next day (I’m not heavy handed or use rough brushes). That’s why I use natural colors on a daily basis since they require less blending. 
Overall, I think this is a great eye cream for younger eyes because if you’re older you might need something a bit stronger to reduce the puffiness and dark circles. But if you do have bad dark circles you can try using this cream first and then applying concealer over it, you will get a better result.

Until next time, 
The Wicked

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