Sally Hansen Ice Queen

A very early post today! This one was a very random, unplanned purchase for me. I was in Walgreens looking for something else, which my Walgreens sadly didn’t have. I also realized that no one goes to my poor Walgreens because they still have a full stock of Revlon Black with Envy! So crazy. Anyway, I always look at the displays first and this caught my eye.

Look familiar? Definitely reminded me of something.

(the base is actually lighter in real life)
Yes! Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter in the Air! 
They’re definitely similar, but Ice Queen is far from being a dupe. They both have the pink and blue larger hexagonal glitter and silver micro glitter. On the other hand, Glitter in the Air has a milkier base, while Ice Queen has a clear base. Also, Ice Queen has silver micro glitter and holo micro glitter. And the colors of the larger glitter vary somewhat. Glitter in the Air has baby blue and baby pink, very soft shades, while Ice Queen has a more cerulean blue and orchid pink/purple that are more vibrant. 

Two coats of Sally Hansen Ice Queen over one coat of Brucci Alexandra’s “Hot” Gray. The larger glitter is pretty sparse so you definitely nee the two coats and you really need to make sure that you have glitter on the brush, or you’ll end up with none. 
Overall, it’s a pretty good glitter. The larger pieces are a little sparse, but it’s not too  bad to deal with. It dries pretty quickly, but definitely use a top coat, preferably a fast drying one. I do think it’s a decent alternative to Glitter in the Air and at $1.99 you really can’t go wrong.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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