LA Girls Matte Turquoise and Alpine Green

I’ve had these polishes for probably almost two years and pretty much forgot about them until just recently when I bought nine LA Girls polishes (yeah, I know). So I figured before I started with my new ones, I’d go through these first (and I’d like to apologize for the sloppy swatches in advance).

Turquoise, two coats. It’s a little more green toned in real life. This is without a base coat and without a top coat. It has a slightly more vinyl looking finish, versus a completely matte finish. Here it’s still a bit tacky.

Alpine Green, two coats. My boyfriend chose this one because it’s his favorite color and I bought it. Man, it totally made me look like a witch. It’s a very interesting green, its kind of a green teal. It’s also tacky in this picture and does dry a little more matte, but also has that vinyl like finish.
Overall, the formula is smooth on these and isn’t streaky. It covers pretty nicely, but isn’t completely opaque in one coat so I suggest at least two. The colors are very nicely pigmented and dry time is decent.    Pretty good matte polishes. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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